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Chris Knight , Chairman

Chris Knight joined LUG South in late 2018 and soon after became the LUG South treasurer. Chris will be helping to organize and manage LUG South’s future events in his role. He is enthusiastic about working with LUG South members and following the trusts charitable aims.

LUG South’s quest for world domination continues…
Gavin Evans , Secretary

Gavin Evans was the founder of LUG South in 2015, and became the Official LUG Ambassador in 2015 also. He has been a fan of LEGO® since his childhood, and his favorite themes are Trains and Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit. Gavin began displaying LEGO® in 2014 with the first ever Brick Show in the southern region – he helped to organize this event along side another LEGO® enthusiast. Since then he has been the key organizer for other LUG South events and aims to make LUG South events better and better every time.

It (Brinklink) is like crack cocaine for Lego addicts
Hamish Lindsay , Treasurer


Current Membership

As of December 2018, current membership stands at over 110 AFOL and 40 TFOL members and is growing steadily. LUG South members are also active contributors to other LUG groups within New Zealand, with members involved in exhibiting in other regions. This helps to strengthen the bonds between different groups and share ideas and resources within the LEGO® fan community.

What are the Membership requirements?

Being an adult or teenage fan of LEGO® is the only requirement! For younger family members it is advised that a parent or guardian joins the group to represent the family. We here at LUG South are open to members from all over New Zealand of all ages – and we are free to join!

What does being a member involve?

We have regular social and public events throughout our region over the year and assist other groups within New Zealand to hold LEGO® based challenges or entertainment at their events too. Being a member of LUG South gives you an opportunity to get involved as an exhibitor or helper at any of the events LUG South presents or attends. Exhibitors make up their Lego sets or MOC‘s to display at these events for the public to view. Members have access to information about other New Zealand LUG events and opportunities to get involved in the wider LEGO® fan community. Being a member of LUG South isn’t all about displaying LEGO® – it’s about making friends within the wider LEGO® fan community and being involved in a group that strives to give back to the community in any way it can. LUG South holds meeting and get together days throughout the year to benefit the members of the group. We are free to contact at any time so if you have any questions at all before signing up then don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Where do I sign up?

To sign up officially, just click here to go to the google form and fill out you details. If you have Facebook you can also connect with other members of the group in our public LUG South group. Joining this Facebook Group does not make you an official member, only filling out the above form will. LUG South communicates primarily through email and Facebook.

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